Practice rules:

  • The duration of each session is 50 minutes.
  • Please try to be on time for your session.
  • Payment is due at the time the service is rendered.
  • If a session is not cancelled at least 24 hours ahead of time it will be charged on the next meeting.
  • Psychotherapy is confidential. The only exceptions are:
    • Child / Elderly abuse
    • When someone threatens to inflict harm to self or others
    • When we are out of town, emergency coverage is provided by another clinician and this information can be obtain by calling 6944226062.

How to deal with an emergency:

I am a solo practitioner and I make every effort to be available when I am needed. I can be reached by calling my cell phone if you are dealing with an emergency.

Emergencies are considered to be:

  • Need for hospitalization.
  • An issue that cannot wait until next morning.

If you are in an emergency psychiatric situation and in need to get to a hospital, you can call information at 11880 or 11821 and ask which hospital is accepting emergency psychiatric patients at this particular day. In Greece not all hospitals respond to all emergencies at any given time.